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I Got New Shoes

Did You Really Think?
Good Tradition
Stella Maris
The Wild Side Of Town
Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival
I Got New Shoes

I Got New Shoes
The Albion Dance Band

Making Waves SPIN132 (LP, UK, 1988)
Making Waves SPINCD132 (CD, UK, 1988)

Produced by Ashley Hutchings and Mick Dolan
Engineered by Mick Dolan at Millstream Studio, Cheltenham, 1987
Photo by Peckhams of Stroud

Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar;
Phil Beer, vocals, guitars, fiddle, mandolin;
Simon Care, melodeon, concertina;
Trevor Foster, drums;
John Shepherd, electric piano, systesiser;
Polly Bolton, lead vocals on tracks 4, 8 and 11;
Pete Zorn, saxophones and backing vocals;
Bill Zorn, backing vocals

Tracks 1, 9 Ashley Hutchings, Phil Beer
Tracks 2a, 6a Simon Care
Track 2b Trad.
Tracks 3a, 5 Phil Beer
Tracks 3b, 4, 6b, 11 Ashley Hutchings
Track 7 Dave Whetstone
Track 8 Ashley Hutchings, John Shepherd
Track 10 John Shepherd

I Got New Shoes 1988 [click for larger image]
Making Waves SPIN132 (LP, UK, 1988)

side 1

 I Got New Shoes (2:51)

Bell Tower Polka / Seneca Two Step (3:50)

Hopping Down in Gwent / Welsh Girls (4:18)

I Only Wanna Dance With You (3:14)

The Leaving of Wessex (4:05)

side 2


Loose Hornpipe / Dancing Till Monday Comes Around (3:38)

The Three-Toed Tumbler (3:01)

Trip to Bath (2:44)

You Ain't Natalie Wood and I Ain't James Dean (3:03)

The Gloucestershire Almain (4:01)

Young Love on the Dance Floor (2:40)

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