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Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival

Did You Really Think?
Good Tradition
Stella Maris
The Wild Side Of Town
Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival
I Got New Shoes

Albion Band 1977 [click for larger image]

Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
The Albion Band

The Albion Dance Band (1977)
Recorded 1977 at the Cambridge Folk Festival
Produced by Anthony Pugh,
BBC Transcription Service 1977

John Tams, lead vocals, melodeon;
Simon Nicol, vocals, guitar;
Graeme Taylor, vocals, guitar;
Ric Sanders, fiddle;
Phil Pickett, woodwinds;
Pete Bullock, keyboards, baritone saxophone;
 Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar;
Michael Gregory, drums

Gresford Disaster
(trad. arr John Tams)

You've heard of the Gresford Disaster,
Of the terrible price that was paid;
Two hundred and forty two colliers were lost,
And three of the rescue brigade.

It occurred in the month of September
At three in the morning the pit
Was racked by a violent explosion
In the Dennis where gas lay so thick.

Now the gas in the Dennis deep section
Was heaped there like snow in a drift,
And many a man had to leave the coal-face
Before he had worked out his shift.

Now a fortnight before the explosion,
To the shotfirer Tomlinson cried,
"If you fire that shot we'll be all blown to hell!"
And no one can say that he lied.

Now the fireman;s reports they are missing
The records of forty-two days;
The collier manager had them destroyed
To cover his criminal ways.

Down there in the dark they are lying.
They died for nine shillings a day;
They have worked out their shift and now they must lie
In the darkness until Judgement day.

Now the Lord Mayor of London's collecting
To help out the children and wives;
The owners have sent some white lilies
To pay for the poor colliers' lives.

Farewell all our dear wives and children
Farewell all our comrades as well,
Don't send your sons down the dark dreary pit
They'll be doomed like the sinners in hell.

the Albion Band (1987)
Recorded 1987
Produced by Andy Finney,
BBC Transcription Service 1987

Cathy Lesurf, lead vocals;
Phil Beer, vocals, guitar, mandolin;
Eric Hine, keyboards;
Martin Bell, fiddle, keyboards;
Ashley Hutchings, vocals, bass guitar;
Trevor Foster, drums

Tracks 1-2, 4-6 Trad. arr. Albion Dance Band
Track 3 Anon. arr. Albion Dance Band
Tracks 7a/c Martin Bell
Tracks 7b, 8, 10 Cathy Lesurf
Tracks 9, 11 Ashley Hutchings, Dave Whetstone

Cambridge Folk Festival 1977/1987
BBC / Strange Fruit CAFECD002 (CD, UK, 1998)

Albion Dance Band (1977)

Boycott's Bourée (1:52)

Y'Acre of Land (2:59)

La Sexte Estampie Real (1:52)

The Postman's Knock / Black Joke (3:40)

Merry Sherwood Rangers (3:03)

Gresford Disaster (9:15)

The Albion Band (1987)

Gentleman's Agreement /
Busy Gardener / Falling Star (3:43)
Harvest Anthem (3:38)
The Shipwreck (6:00)
Orion's Belt (3:18)
The Rose and the Rock (5:00)

Cathy Lesurf

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Eric Hine was the keyboardist for
this outfit back in the sixties.and
one fateful night, in Scotland,
Eric was ill, his replacement was
a bespectacled gent by the name

from the multi-cultural roots of
our own Community to legendary
names from World Music:
World In One County brings
 the global family village
to Thoresby in Nottinghamshire
Cathy Lesurf is deeply involved
with this incredible yearly event. 

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